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Partnership Firms Registration Procedure Under Indian Partnership Act with Regilances

A Partnership is one of the most significant forms of a business organization. A partnership firm is where two or more persons come together to form a business and split the profits in an agreed ratio. The partnership business includes any kind of trade, occupation and profession. A partnership firm is easy to form with fewer compliances as compared to companies.

The Indian Partnership Act, 1932 governs and regulates partnership firms in India. The persons who come together to form the partnership firm are known as partners. The partnership firm is constituted under a contract between the partners. The contract between the partners is known as a partnership deed which regulates the relationship among the partners and also between the partners and the partnership firm.

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Advantages of Partnership Firm

  • Easy to Incorporate
  • Less Compliances
  • Quick Decision
  • Sharing of Profits and Losses

What are the GST tax rates?

  • Unlimited Liability
  • No Perpetual Succession
  • Limited Resouces
  • Difficult to Raise Funds
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